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YouTube is going to lunch like tik-tok apps end of the year

YouTube is going to bring tik-tok-like apps is expected to be made public by the end of the year 2020. It will be available on the YouTube application also. Users will be able to upload short videos in ‘Shirts’. This is said to be a feed. It also allows users to use YouTube’s catalog of music. Whose license is with YouTube. There is a decrease rate in youtube which people were going towards on the TikTok side which they have awesome features to see there.

Most YouTubers will go to TikTok’s side to refresh and make a funny and serious video to share into as youtube channel also too. The company of google will share it out article into their website of the official page which all YouTubers will be mention to announce to the viewer they will know it well for it.  Some of the few big YouTubers of Indian have shared a video with us. Then I read it out news portal side they also be mention this article to share those people.