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Top 5 Online News Portals of Nepal

With the growth of the internet and internet-based devices, the trend of reading a paper-based newspaper is decreasing day by day. The easy availability of internet and the fast coverage of news throughout the world makes online media very popular. In Nepal, the trend of reading news online has been growing in the present days. There are various news portals that have been providing news and other services to the readers. Based on the authenticity and the popularity of the portals among the readers, we have selected the best 5 news portals of Nepal.

5. Baahrakhari

In a short period of time, gained its popularity among the news readers. Started their news portal in 2016, baahrakhari is now one of the most visited sites in Nepal. is in the news portal market with its fast and genuine news which is aggressively fast even on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

4. eKantipur


The online news portal run by the most popular media house of Nepal, The Kantipur Media Group (KMG) is among the famous news portal of Nepal. With the popularity of the newspaper Kantipur, the news portal is also trying to follow the success of its paper-based version. The website includes news in English and Nepali both including papers like Kantipur, Kathmandu Post, Saptahik, Nepal and more. The news portal run by the large group of IT professionals and technicians aims to grow more in the market

3. Nagarik News

The popular media house of Nepal Nagarik Republic Media Pvt. Ltd. owns Started

on 29th of April 2009, it has been providing news and information to the readers and viewers at their fingertips. They also run an English news portal called Myrepublica. is available for the readers of the English version of the portal. Even if their news in English is better, it still has not got the attention of plenty of sum of readers.

2. Annapurna Post

The second most browsed web portal of Nepal, is one of the reliable news portals. The news portal is run by renowned Nepal News Network International P. Ltd. (3NI) which runs AP1 TV, the first HD news channel of Nepal, Annapurna post and so on. With the office located at the high rise building at Tinkune, Kathmandu, Annapurna post also has its app version of its news portal which is available in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

1. OnlineKhabar

The most browsed web portal of Nepal, was founded in 2006. It is the most popular news site among the Nepali news readers. It is not only famous in Nepal, but it is also browsed in

many countries of the world. Fast update, impressing User Interface(UI) and the authentic news is the major reason behind its popularity. According to the website ranking site Alexa, is one of the most browsed websites of Nepal, with it’s ranking on the 3rd position of the most browsed websites of Nepal. Dharma Raj Bhusal is the founder and editor-in-chief of onlinekhabar.


There are much other online news portals in Nepal that are providing news to the readers. It is worth mentioning some of those like

  • Setopati,
  • Ratopati,
  • Pahilopost,
  • Hamrakura,
  • Nayapatrika,
  • Lokantar,
  • Imagekhabar,
  • News24 

The fastest means of news service is growing very fast in Nepal. There are even many news portals which provide fake news which is not authentic and reliable. Among all the news portals, is the most popular one because of its authenticity and good user interface. We see many people browsing Onlinekhabar for the news everywhere. It covers most of the recent news in all walks of life at a very fast pace. But its English version is not that updated. For the English version news of Nepal, We recommend either Thehimalayantimes or Myrepublica or the Kathmandu post. No,w most of the websites for daily news even provide the digital version of the newspaper in their websites.

The availability of social networks andthe internet all over the country has led to the growing marketplace for these medias. Thanks to all the sites for providing the news to the readers.