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Things to know before using a smartphone

Now most of the youth have smart phones in their hands. After getting all kinds of technological facilities in the mobile phone, the fascination of the youth has increased.

A handful of smart phones are considered useful for conversations, messaging, video calling, listening to music, watching videos, taking pictures, storing or flowing information, playing games and doing health checks. However, nowadays the misuse of the smartphone for which it is designed has increased even more than its utilization.

Today we will discuss the harms of excessive use or misuse of smart phones:

1. The most negative effect of a smartphone is that it wastes time.
2. When time is wasted, it has a serious impact on social and family life.
3. Its damage does not stop there. The use of smartphones can cause serious damage to the body.
4. According to research, excessive use of smartphones affects the brain.
5. Excessive use of it can lead to problems such as depression, anxiety and insomnia.
6. Smartphones inhibit mental development in children and weaken the brain.
7. Radio waves emitted from smartphones also reduce the ability to listen.
8. It weakens the eyesight and has a serious effect on the eyes.
9. Excessive use of smartphones can lead to problems such as obesity.
10. Using a smartphone before going to bed at night and waking up in the morning is also a disease. This is called smartphone blindness.
11. The phone should not be kept close to the heart for a long time otherwise it may affect health.
12. Sleeping with your smartphone under your head can cause insomnia.
13. When the mobile is used by bending the neck, the bone related disease of the neck is seen.