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In whose name is your SIM card registered?

Earlier, the same person used to issue many SIM cards in his name. Such SIMs were distributed to his family and friends. But now the government has asked to use only SIMs registered in its own name.

Mobile number is now required to activate citizen app, national identity card, various banking apps, wallet and other services. Experts say that even though SIMs in other names can be used in some apps, there is a security risk.

On the other hand, in the apps that can be used for public services like citizen app, mobile number with one’s own name has been made mandatory. If the SIM card you are using is not in your name, start the name transfer process immediately.

At present, the regulatory body Nepal Telecommunication Authority has also given instructions to the service providers for its implementation by making arrangements not to have more than two SIM cards of the same service provider.

Thus, service providers including Telecom and Ncell have started identifying and alerting customers who are in the name of others and have more than two SIM cards.

Accordingly, Nepal Telecom has made an arrangement to know in whose name the SIM card it is using is registered through Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD).

Telecom had earlier arranged to get information about the SIM they are using by sending a message. Now, for the convenience of the users, such facility is being provided even through USSD.

For this, Telecom SIM users can find out by dialing * 922 # on their mobile. It also asks if the SIM registered person is you or someone else.

Dial * 922 # and send the registered person by typing 1 and 2 if not.