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How to make sel roti

Sel roti is made of rice flour with added customized flavours. A semi-liquid dough is first prepared by mixing rice flour, milk, water, cooking oil, sugar, ghee, butter, cardamom, cloves, bananas and other flavours of personal choice. The ingredients are mixed well by continuous stirring. Once the semi-liquid dough is ready, the dough is poured by hand into boiling oil or ghee in a ring shape and cooked on high heat until the bread turns light brown on both sides. Two sticks called Jhir in the Nepali language, each 1 foot (30 cm) long, are used for turning the ring-shaped bread while cooking. Sel roti is cooked in bulk and can be stored at room temperature for at least 20 days. Sel roti is often sent as a special gift to family members living away from home or used as a prasad in pujas.

Lets watch how to make Sel roti