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How to get Nepal Telecom (NTC) Loan Credit Service

There are some situations when you really need mobile balance and don’t have a way to recharge. Some people ask their friends to lend them balance but you can’t always haggle them. Also, there may be a situation when there is no place, shop or way to get recharge or top up. For example at night time or at a rural location with no shop. Nepal Telecom (NTC) has solved the problem now. NTC is now providing loan service to its users. The credit providing service is available for all of its customers. Learn the steps on how to get Nepal Telecom (NTC) loan credit service.

The company is marketing this as “No Call Drop, No Extra Charges”. This means that the company isn’t going to charge you an extra tariff. Available credit can be used for call, SMS or data. This means people can continue their communication as they like and need. It is already open for all users automatically. By the way, people get the credit only when requested. One great feature about Namaste Credit is that the calls aren’t cut or interrupted when balance finishes. They let us talk for a certain time and keep credit record. It is paid when we recharge or top up.

How to get NTC Credit or loan service

To start the service people just have to type START and send the SMS to 1477. To stop the service they should type STOP and send SMS to 1477. The maximum credit amount and status can be checked by using code STATUS. It is a free service and we see no point of pausing it. In order to reactive, follow the activation process again.