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How To Choose Best Internet Service Provider (ISP) Of Nepal

According to ISPAN, there is a total of 43 registered ISP in Nepal. The tremendous increase in the number of Wireless Internet Service (WiFi) providers has left customers baffled as to how to choose the best ISP. So, this article is my attempt to review Internet Service Provider in Nepal with the price so that it will help internet users in choosing the best ISP at a cheap cost.


I have been using broadband Internet Service from OTEL for more than a year. Comparing to the cost and the download speed, my personal favorite is OTEL. It is one of the best ISP for home. I can easily watch streaming video and listen to online music. I can still use the internet when I am downloading kinds of stuff. The price starts from NRs 1050 for 1 Mbps unlimited data transfer. Call it at toll-free number 1660-01-00005 for details. Sadly, its coverage area is limited to Kathmandu only.


NTC ADSL is still the most used internet service for residential purpose. Users often complain of ADSL being slow, and NTC has been criticized for its painful customer support. You can choose an unlimited plan and get 192kbps ADSL internet at 900NRs per month while 384kbps internet requires NRs 1500 per month. NTC has also started to provide Volume based ADSL service for those who need high-speed internet.


WiMAX is the fast wireless broadband internet service from NTC. It claims that users can get up to 20 Mbps speed in Wimax. It is available in a volume based plan which starts from NRs 650 for 5 GB data transfer for 256 kbps internet. For using WiMAX, you need to buy a USB dongle worth NRs 2310.


My next choice is Vianet Communications. It offers high-speed broadband internet access for home and office users inside Kathmandu valley at an affordable price. Initiated in 1999, Vianet has recently launched a fiber-based access network which has turned a dream of getting high-speed internet at low cost into a reality. Fibernet Speedboost is another unique feature akin to Vianet which enables the user to increase the speed of the internet by logging in the customer portal. The price starts from NRs 6200 per month, and the internet speed is 1 Mbps. Contact Vianet at 9801046410 for details.

Classic Tech

Established in 2009, Classic Tech has risen to be one of the largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Network Service Provider (NSP) in Nepal. They are frequently coming with different internet and network service packages. According to the most recent box, premium home users can use 30 Mbps data at NRs 2499 only. They are located on the 3rd floor of Alfa- Beta Complex, New Baneshwor, and they can be reached by dialing 4785909.

With the growing client base, they can open their branches in Dharan, Itahari, Biratnagar, Hetauda, Birgunj, Banepa, Chitwan and Butwal. It has been offering Data Center Solutions service at Corporate level while IP surveillance is its additional service to Business entities. It provides IP Telephony service to SoHo, and it has been giving Hotspot services in home and institute. It also offers managed internet solution for hotels.


Established in 1995, it is one of the oldest ISP in Nepal. Many NGOs and INGOs including American Embassy and United Nations are using internet service from Worldlink. Worldlink has become a reliable internet provider at the corporate level. It is providing cable zoom, fiber zoom and unlimited broadband packages for home. The cheapest plan starts from NRs 1600 for 512 Kbps internet. Dial 9801523050 for details.


Ncell offers internet service through EDGE, GPRS and USB Modem. Although the internet speed is fast, it has been criticized for being overly expensive. NCell has recently revised its rate so that the user can now use 6 MB data for NRs 6, 12 MB data for NRs 9, 18 MB data for NRs 12 and 40 MB data for NRs 20.


Subisu is one of the largest internet service provider (ISP) in Nepal that has extended its service in more than 60 districts. It chiefly offers high-speed cable internet. Price of wireless internet for home use for 256 kbps bandwidth unlimited internet is NRs 1050 per month, and for 512 kbps internet, it costs NRs 1725. For Small Office Home Office (SOHO), the price of 128 kbps internet is NRs 1470, amount of 256 Kbps is NRs 2265, and the cost of 512 kbps internet is NRs 3750 per month. Dial 4429616 for detail.


One of the first Wi-Fi internet service providing company, Broadlink has been providing internet for home under four plans. The Basic package is the cheapest which costs NRs 999 per month for 128kbps internet. Dial 5553021 for detail.

Pokhara Internet

Pokhara Internet is the best ISP in Pokhara. It offers high-speed internet through optical fiber and wireless internet. You can get unlimited downloads and uploads. You can get the cheapest internet for home by selecting the night package by which you can get 256 kbps internet at NRs 575 (vat excluded). The night package remains useful from 7 PM to 8 PM. In case of an unlimited package, it costs NRs 1200 for 256 Kbps internet and NRs 1600 per month for 384 Kbps internet.

My Top 10 list of Internet Service Provider in Nepal with price ends here. Please mention your favorite ISP in the comment section.

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