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100 rupees for making video of online class, gift of lakhs to the winner along with laptop

The country is now in the second phase of the epidemic after the first phase of the corona virus was crippled for more than three months. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

There is growing concern that this kind of confusion will push the entire academic year backwards. Thus, the government is preparing to conduct education through alternative learning so as not to affect the academic year.

This means that the government will now recognize online classes and classes conducted through alternative means. Thus the ‘Veda system’ has become a suitable medium for online learning. 

It has been assisting more than 650 schools to operate effectively through technology as well as classrooms through virtual media. Not only online classes, Veda has also developed a system where online homework can be given and exams can be conducted. 

Veda, which has been prioritizing excellent online learning technology and after-sales service, is now bringing teachers and students together and offering various gifts worth millions. For that, the company has started a campaign called ‘  ‘हातहातमा शिक्षा’ ‘.

The campaign will run on social network Facebook from Wednesday for a month. For this, Veda has collaborated with Khalti Mobile Wallet. The company has launched this ‘hands-on education’ to honor the contribution made by students and teachers to make online education a success during Kovid-19. 

Teachers and students participating in the scheme will have to create a 30-second video with online classroom experience. Which they will have to share on their Facebook.

All participants who share their experience through video will get a balance of Rs 100 in their pocket wallet. In addition, those who excel will be given attractive prizes worth millions including laptops. 

How to participate? 

  • To participate in this campaign, teachers, and students will need to share their online classroom experiences on Facebook so that everyone can see them.
  • Video made in this way should be at least 30 seconds long.
  • You have to like and follow Veda’s Facebook page.
  • You have to put the hashtag #HaatHaatmaShikshya #Veda #Khalti while posting the video.

These are gifts

  • Veda Guru (Excellent Teacher) – One teacher will be given a laptop worth Rs 50,000 and four teachers will be given a balance of Rs 5,000 in a pocket wallet. However, for this award, there must be a teacher using the Veda system.
  • Future Leader (Outstanding Student) – One student has a laptop worth Rs 50,000 and four students have a balance of Rs 5,000 in their pocket wallet. 
  • New on the Block Award – Best Teacher (for those who do not use the Veda system) Rs 50,000 worth of Veda subscription free for one year, plus Rs 10,000 in pocket wallet.
  • Special prizes to nine people through the factory under the weekly prize.
  • One hundred rupees cash in pocket wallet to each participant.