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Windows CleanUp! (or just CleanUp!) is a system cleaning tool which removes and clears your system of several types of temporary and/or unnecessary files and folders.

The usage of CleanUp! is usually for two reasons: a) You would like to clean up traces of Internet usage and increase your privacy or b) clear up disk space taken up by unnecessary files.


The program usage is pretty simple and everything you would like to remove can be accessed from the Options menu. There are several options there and they are categorized into tabs: General, Custom Files, Custom Registry Entries, Cookies and Temporary Files. The items found within the General tab are the most likely to be used;

From the General tab, you can quickly empty the recycling bin, remove newsgroup/cookies/favorites cache. The Quick Setup also offers different levels of cleaning.Features and highlights

  • Cleans browser cache
  • Cleans browser history
  • Removes remaining cookies
  • Removes bookmarks and favorites
  • Removes “MRU lists” (storing a list of your Most Recently Used files) for various applications